Impala Bridge is an Belgian non-profit organisation, also a Tech Network connecting Digital entrepreneurs, Engineers and STEM ( Science, Technology, Engineering and mathematics ) enthusiasts, with a passion of digital for development.

The main strategic objectives of the organisation are :

  • Raise the awareness of children and teachers in STEM careers (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) and promote employment in STEM 
  • Inform and encourage workers to up-skilling in new digital technologies
  • Connect industry and education stakeholders, to share, develop and upgrade their digital skills.
  • Agilely, enable and connect Innovation & Startups Ecosystems ( EU-Africa )
  • Catalyze the African “Startup Ecosystems” with a focus on digital entrepreneurship
  • Enabling digitization in Africa, as a tool of sustainable development of essential sectors (EdTech, E-Agriculture, E-Health, E-Gov, …), In agreement with the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development
  • Promote digital for inclusive and sustainable economic growth, using Digitalization to grow youth digital skills, create employments and to promote entrepreneurship. ( In agreement with the nine principles for digital development )
  • Local auditing on existing resources compared of those needed for a “Digital for development” approach implementation
  • Act as facilitator (“Do no Harm” local agent), awareness and train local ecosystems and authorities on the benefits of digitization, and its essential impact on others development sectors ( Education, Health, …)